48 Hours in Ibiza

Almost immediately upon hearing about Avicii’s final performance in Ibiza, I reached out to a few of my internationally-adventurous friends to gauge their interest in going to the concert. Once I received an easy, “Obviously.” from my friend Josh, I booked two round-trip tickets and hit up Instagram for some #travelinspo.
My initial assumption about Ibiza was that it was the club-centric playground for the European elite, that just so happens to be on a beach. While this assumption was not necessarily proven “wrong” there is a lot more to this beautiful island than clubs and electronic music. The coast is littered with magnificent boulders, lush flowers line the beach walkways, and gorgeous people are e v e r y w h e r e.
Although I wish I could have stayed for longer, my work schedule only allowed for a long weekend, leaving me with 48 hours to take on my new favorite island. So, without future adieu…48 Hours in Ibiza
Saturday Afternoon, 15:00 – 48 Hours To Go
Land in Ibiza and check-in to the Hotel Maritimo Sport & Relax. The reviews online for this hotel were okay, but I figured two nights does not merit spending a few extra hundred Euros a night for a place that would merely serve as a crash pad. The hotel ended up being just perfect for what we needed, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a healthy combination of lazy beach days and fun nights out. The hotel is located in a more mellow area with a gorgeous beach and plenty of restaurants just a few minutes away. Another pro, it’s only € 20 to both the airport and the clubbing district!

View from our hotel room

Saturday Afternoon – 16:00 – 47 Hours To Go
Throw on a swimsuit and head to Ushuaia for a day party and meet up with our other friends that flew in for the occasion. This was the venue where Avicii would be performing, and I figured it would be cool to check it out by day. The scene was a mix of muscles, tattoos, teeny tiny bikinis, and house music. If there is anyway to jump-start your immersion into Ibiza, this would be it.

The scene


The crew


The nomad

Saturday Evening – 20:00 – 43 Hours To Go
Necessary nap
Saturday Night – 23:30  – 39.5 Hours To Go
Head to Pacha for a David Guetta party. Pacha is one of the places people talk about when you go to Ibiza. It’s interior is absolutely magnificent, there are multiple clubs within the club…that whole deal. Now this may be an unpopular opinion, but I didn’t love Pacha! By the time David Guetta took to the booth, it was 3AM and my American self just couldn’t keep up.
Sunday “Morning” – 12:30- 27 Hours To Go
Rise and shine! Grabbed some breakfast, drank some coffee, and recounted the night’s funventures over this gorgeous vista.
Sunday Afternoon – 13:30 – 26 Hours To Go
Beaaaaaaach. Can someone please tell me what is better than basking in the sun listening to Closer and mindlessly people watching?
Sunday Evening – 18:00 – 21.5 Hours To Go
Dinner and mental preparations for our fun night ahead
Sunday Evening – 20:30 – 19 Hours To Go
Meet back at my friends apartment for a quick pre-concert drink. As Avicii was THE reason for us to make this 48 hour pond hop, we quickly hopped in a taxi and were at the venue by 21:30 – we weren’t about to miss 1 minute of this performance!
Sunday Evening – 22:30 – 17 Hours To Go
Avicii hits the stage, and I am not exaggerating when I say that this performance was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Being a part of a group of people, most of whom have crossed boarders to be here, to celebrate an artist that has touched all our lives in some way justified this entire trip.

Not Pictured: Fireworks, lasers, and airplanes flying overhead

//Monday morning 24:30- 15 Hours To Go
Not yet ready to say goodbye to the fabulous and fun new friends we met at the concert, our group heads out on the town to keep dancing at Sankey‘s Nightclub. If you’re wearing heels and your feet need a rest, there is a “no shoes allowed room” on the bottom floor in the Rebels Cave #majorkey
Monday Morning – 11:30- 3.5 Hours To Go
Check out of the hotel and grab a final breakfast along the beach. And coffee. All of the coffee.
Monday Afternoon – 15:00 – 0 Hours To Go
Head to the airport and say goodbye to my new favorite place in the world.
What I’m glad I did
  • Booked Tickets Ahead of Time – Knowing where we were going and when allowed us to structure our days and make sure we were getting the most out of our trip
  • Brought a beach towel – #MajorKey
  • Packed Light – Traveling with only a backpack makes airport runs easier and stops you from over-packing unnecessary items
What I’ll do differently next time
  • Rock The Curls – I brought along my curling iron and straighter, who was I kidding? With the humidity and the ocean and the dancing, a ponytail was inevitable
  • Picnic on the Beach – None of the food we ate really blew my mind, and I think we would have had just as much fun (and saved several Euros) if we would have just grabbed sandwiches for the beach and saved our money for a future Ibiza adventure
  • Outfit Research – I should have invested a bit more time into my nighttime outfit research. I missed some serious glitter and rhinestone moments that I will never get back ** cries single tear **


Ibiza, you will always have my heart.

♥ Kathryn

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