Oregon Trail, Part 1 – Fancy Nomad Style

A little over a year ago, my brother moved to Oregon in pursuit of his two deepest passions: fixing cars and riding bikes. He loves the ability to come home from work, go for a mountain bike ride, and snap a few photos – all before dinner.

Mostly because we miss him, and partly because we’re a tad jealous of his daily vistas, my family decided to pay him a visit for the Fourth of July. In an effort to take in as much of the Oregon Coast as we could, my family rented cars and took to the 101 for a tour of the magnificent, evergreen-lined, rocky, and marvelous Pacific northwest.


Obligatory PDX Carpet Snap


About a three-hour drive from Portland, Newport is a quaint seaside town with cafes, restaurants, and shops just steps from the ocean.

I would suggest checking out Clearwater Restaurant,  April’s at Nye Beach, and Panini Bakery. Clearwater Restaurant is located in a harbor that overlooks Newport’s famous Yaquina Bay Bridge and is a great spot for lunch or dinner. April’s offers a more formal dining experience, and Panini Bakery is a very casual spot to grab a cup of coffee and a delicious bakery treat.


My delicious Beet Salad from Clearwater Restarurant


Gorgeous view from Clearwater Restaurant

My favorite part of Newport was our VRBO. Discovered by my aunt and uncle, this incredible home is rightfully dubbed the “Coastal Jewel”. Atop a cliff that overlooks the Pacific, this two-bedroom home offers a large kitchen with all the bells and whistles, beach access, and a porch with breath-taking ocean views perfect for enjoying a quite morning over a cup of Stumptown.




Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

*~* Geo-science Nerd Interlude *~* Haystack Rock is a 235-foot tall sea stack, accessible at low tide from Cannon Beach. Sea stacks are large rock formations that are formed by years of waves pounding into their sides, eroding away weaker rock and leaving high-resistant rock behind.






After spending wayyyy more hours on the road anticipated, I was happy to check into the Embassy Suites – Downtown. While we didn’t spend too much time within the city itself, we did manage to check out a few fabulous local spots that come highly recommended from yours truly:

  • Voodoo Doughnuts – Definitely worth the 45 minute wait (and 7,893 calories)
  • Yoga Pearl – Work off those donuts with some sun salutations in a heated yoga room
  • Mother’s Bistro – Comfort food done right, sooo right


Next week I’ll share pictures and recommendations for day trips out of Portland.

Thank you so much for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts on where to go in Western Oregon and the Portland area!

♥ Kathryn

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